• During my postdoc, I have been focusing on exploring sources of gene tree discordance in the backbone phylogeny of the plant family Amaranthaceae s.l, using phylotranscriptomic analysis in combination with reference genomes.
  • We found that a combination of processes might have acted simultaneously to generate high levels of gene tree discordance in Amaranthaceae s.l. This suggests that the backbone of Amaranthaceae s.l. might be a product of ancient and rapid lineage diversification.
  • For my doctoral dissertation, I combined natural history collections with a plurality of phylogenetic methods to elucidate the reticulate evolutionary of the neotropical plant genus Lachemilla in the rose family.
  • I found widespread patterns of phylogenetic discordance as a product of ancient and recent polyploidy (autopolyploidy and allopolyploidy) as well as ancient hybridization among major clades of Lachemilla.

  • As an undergrad, I developed a keen interest in plant taxonomy and herbarium curation. My main taxonomic focus has been the genus Lachemilla, for which I have described six new species as part of a collaborative effort to a comprehensive monograph of the group.

  • I am also involved in other collaborative works to develop chloroplast and nuclear (Hyb-seq) markers for phylogenomics analyses in other plant groups like Thalictrum, Castilleja, Malvaceae, and Dipsacales.